Feeling is believing: discover the magic of haptic feedback in tech

The average consumer technology experience is usually one-size-fits-all — but haptic feedback is upping the game. This revolutionary tech completely transforms how people use their devices and interact digitally. Whether that’s on an iPhone keyboard or in VR, haptics provide valuable feedback to the user to aid with immersion or UI challenges. Here’s how it works and what users can expect when using it.  What is haptic feedback? Haptic feedback is a technology that uses different sensations to simulate physical interactions. It can go in everything from a wearable vest to a joystick. Most companies use it in apps and virtual reality (VR) games, but it can do so much more than that.  Although this tech sounds futuristic, it’s been around for decades — and not just in the research and development way. It’s been a part of everyday technology for years. For instance, Google added haptic feedback to its keyboard in 2019. You’ve probably used it before without realizing it. How does haptic feedback work? Image: Pexels Haptic feedback technology can use sensors, motors, speakers, electrodes, and actuators to simulate physical sensations. The exact combination changes depending on the kind of device you use. Here are the different types of haptic feedback: Temperature: Actuators use your body’s temperature to heat up or cool down in specific spots. Imagine VR with this kind of tech — you could feel the chill of space or the warmth of a flaming sword. Pressure: A device uses sensors and expanding cushioning to make…Feeling is believing: discover the magic of haptic feedback in tech

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