Former Google Exec Warns of Global AI Catastrophe Within Two Years

Beyond an Emergency Former top Google exec Mo Gawdet, who once led the Silicon Valley behemoth’s Google X “moonshot” division, is very stressed about AI. “It is beyond an emergency,” Gawdat said in a new interview on a podcast called “The Diary of a CEO,” hosted by Stephen Bartlett. “It’s the biggest thing we need to do today. It’s bigger than climate change, believe it or not.” “The likelihood of something incredibly disruptive happening within the next two years that can affect the entire planet,” he added, “is definitely larger with AI than it is with climate change.” For context’s sake, we would like to point out that devastating side effects of climate change — fires, floods, droughts, worsened storms, astronomically high temps — are already disrupting places and civilizations around the world. But we do get the guy’s point. By Gawdet’s prediction, AI is bound to have devastating impacts on human society — and those negatives are just around the corner. Doomer Guy As far as his more specific concerns go — as opposed to your average vague, generalized AI anxiety — Gawdat told Bartlett that his pressing near-term worries include, among other potential crises, cybercrime-abetting tools like deepfakes and automation-driven mass job loss. But honestly, those are all small beans compared to some of the former Googler’s recent claims. Recently, on a different podcast called “Secret Leaders,” Gawdat said that the probability that AI would come to think of humans as “scum” is “very high,” additionally claiming that…Former Google Exec Warns of Global AI Catastrophe Within Two Years

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