France gives the iPhone 12 the boot, but why?

France has slapped a ban on the sale of the iPhone 12. This shocking move comes hot on the heels of Apple’s decision to discontinue the model. But what’s the reason behind this unexpected turn of events? Apparently, the iPhone 12 has been emitting radiation levels that exceed what’s allowed by French law. Apple, caught in the crossfire, has pledged to resolve the issue. But here’s the kicker: It took over three years to discover the iPhone 12’s excessive radiation emissions. So, does this mean the iPhone 12 could be a ticking time bomb for its users? The mystery unraveled: software updates to blame Image: KnowTechie Thankfully, French regulators have cracked the case, revealing that a series of software updates are the culprits behind the iPhone 12’s gradually increasing radiation emissions. This is why the problem wasn’t spotted when the device was launched three years ago – it simply wasn’t an issue then. Apple’s response: it’s not what you think Apple, however, is standing its ground, asserting that the increased radiation emissions don’t pose a safety risk. They’re blaming it on the “specific testing protocol used by French regulators.” And if that wasn’t enough, reports suggest that Apple has instructed its tech support staff to zip their lips about the issue with customers. They’re assuring everyone that all Apple products undergo rigorous safety testing before they hit the shelves. The bottom line: is the iPhone 12 safe to use? Image: KnowTechie French authorities have cleared the air, stating that despite…France gives the iPhone 12 the boot, but why?

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