Freestyle 2 portable projector launched with cloud gaming

Samsung announced an updated portable projector today, the $800 Freestyle 2. It has inbuilt cloud gaming access and more memory, so it should be snappier. The cylindrical projector hasn’t changed a great deal from the last model. It’s still around the same size and weight (under two pounds) and can project a screen of between 30 and 100 inches. That makes it perfect to travel with as a portable big-screen console to rival handheld versions. Thanks to Samsung Gaming Hub, the Freestyle 2 has access to the largest cloud gaming services. Gaming Hub makes the Freestyle 2 even better Image: Samsung Samsung released Gaming Hub last year on TVs, bundling Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now, and multiple other game streamers into one central place. Now it’s on a portable projector, which makes cloud gaming possible anywhere. The Freestyle 2 has an optional battery base, so it can be used to project a 1920×1080 picture on any surface, anywhere. It can also be powered from USB-C power banks, so you’re not tied to the first-party battery. The Freestyle 2 from Samsung The Freestyle 2 projector leans heavily into gaming, with on-device cloud gaming thanks to the Samsung Gaming Hub. You can save $40 with our link, and get a free carrying case during the pre-order period. What We Like: Cloud gaming through Gaming Hub1080p pictureUp to 100 inch screenBattery powered Check Availability KnowTechie is supported by its audience, so if you buy something through our links, we may…Freestyle 2 portable projector launched with cloud gaming

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