G/O Tells Staff Not to Worry About Everyone Mocking Their Horrible AI Content

Media conglomerate G/O Media is hellbent on using AI to generate a flood of content that, so far, has been riddled with errors — and it’s now telling staff that they shouldn’t worry about all the negative press its publications have been getting as a result. As The Wrap reports, the company’s editorial director Merrill Brown is well aware of the ongoing trash fire, telling staff in an internal note that the company is committed to AI articles despite what he euphemistically termed “external commentary.” “All of us working on these initiatives are quite aware of the vast amount of feedback we received after the AI material was published in July,” he wrote, adding that such “chatter” should be “dismissed.” G/O, which owns a number of media staples including Quartz, The AV Club, Jalopnik, and Gizmodo, has received a substantial amount of criticism for its fraught rollout of AI-generated content over the last several months. For instance, a so-called “Chronological List of Star Wars Movies & TV Shows,” published last month, was so terribly written and riddled with factual mistakes that it drew the open fury of Gizmodo staffers, who argued that AI content devalues their work and undermines their and their brand’s credibility. But now G/O is doubling down on its AI-generated content experiment by publishing a new flood of bot-created listicles. An AV Club article about recent movie releases credited to “The AV Club Bot” claims to be “based on data from IMDb,” according to an editorial note: “Text was…G/O Tells Staff Not to Worry About Everyone Mocking Their Horrible AI Content

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