General differences between the Chinese and European global game industries

Gamedev in China is developing quite quickly and dynamically, despite the restriction of youth access to the Internet, but games, especially eSports, are often equated with a full-time job, not an industry. So eminent players in Dota 2 and other eSports disciplines have the status of idols, not inferior to musical performers, actors, and sports commentators. In China, there is strict monitoring of all content that may instill incorrect values, accustom children and adolescents to vulgarity and cruelty, and demonstrate a non-standard format of family and relationships distinct from the norm. Thus began the mass blocking of such television programs and gradually switched to games – a zone of creativity and proposals of their concept of entertainment from the developers themselves. Sport Changes have affected sports and related games, but not so much visually, but mentally. Xi Jinping wants to see the Chinese national team and football in general at the top of the world and compete with the strongest teams of our time, and for this, powerful junior training bases are created, and football simulators like FC 24 are allowed. Sports simulator from EA Sports is especially popular in China, and many players bring their favorite clubs to the world top – Shanghai SIPG and other teams. By the way, in China, as well as in Europe, not everyone is ready to scrupulously farm FIFA coins, but simply buy them to quickly strengthen their game lineups. Cybersport China is actively investing in eSports, regularly hosts major tournaments, and has…General differences between the Chinese and European global game industries

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