Gizmodo and Kotaku Staff Furious After Owner Announces Move to AI Content

The steady march of AI in journalism continues — though the outcome, both for the health of the information ecosystem and the financial wellbeing of publishers that embrace it, remains as hazy as ever. G/O Media, a major online media company that runs publications including Gizmodo, Kotaku, Quartz, Jezebel, and Deadspin, has announced that it will begin a “modest test” of AI content on its sites. The company joins a growing number of media entities experimenting with the technology, including Red Ventures, which owns sites including Bankrate and CNET, as well as Men’s Journal and BuzzFeed. These trials have already led to a flood of error-laden, plagiarized, and poorly written content due to badly implemented — and, some would argue, inherently unsuited AI models — that still have a strong tendency to make up facts. Pushes to AI content have also preceded sweeping layoffs at CNET and BuzzFeed. In an email to staff, G/O Media editorial director Merrill Brown argued that the news shouldn’t come as a surprise since “everyone in the media business” has been considering AI. The trial will include “producing just a handful of stories for most of our sites that are basically built around lists and data,” Brown wrote. “These features aren’t replacing work currently being done by writers and editors, and we hope that over time if we get these forms of content right and produced at scale, AI will, via search and promotion, help us grow our audience.” Despite these half-hearted assurances, the announcement came to the horror of…Gizmodo and Kotaku Staff Furious After Owner Announces Move to AI Content

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