Google announces Fitbit Charge 6 for $160 with Google Apps support

A few days ago, Fitbit posted a video on its official X (formerly Twitter) account, hinting at a device launch on September 28.  While the company didn’t mention the name of the device it was going to launch, we speculated it could be the Fitbit Charge 6.  As it turns out, our speculation was indeed accurate. Google has officially announced the Fitbit Charge 6 focused on improved heart rate tracking, as well as first-party apps such as YouTube Music and Google Maps.  Fitbit Charge 6: Not relying on just taps and swipes anymore  Image: KnowTechie/Fitbit As we reported, the Fitbit Charge 6 looks much like its predecessor, the Fitbit Charge 5, launched two years ago.  Regarding differences, there’s a new haptic button on the left edge of the tracker that doesn’t depress or click; instead, it sends vibration feedback upon pressing it. At last, Fitbit is no longer completely relying on taps and swipes for UI navigation.  According to the company, the tracker is made of 100% recycled aluminum and is available in three different color and band combinations.  Fitbit is also selling different types of bands, including Woven, Leather, Sports, Adjustable Stretch, and Hook and loop bands.  The tracker also has Gorilla Glass protection to prevent scratches and gets 50 meters of water resistance. It comes with the same magnetic charger as the Charge 5.  Fitbit Charge 6: Features and first-party app support Under the hood, you will find the same heart rate measuring system as the Pixel Watch, using…Google announces Fitbit Charge 6 for $160 with Google Apps support

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