Google Made an AI-Generated Fake the First Result for "Tank Man"

Google’s inability to protect its top search results from fake, AI-generated imagery continues. It’s been 30 years since China’s infamous Tiananmen Square Massacre, and the “Tank Man” photograph, a striking image of a protestor standing in front of a column of Type 59 tanks, remains one of the most iconic and enduring artifacts from the brutal government-civilian conflict. But already, it appears that AI is rewriting the decades-long history of the photograph; google “Tank Man” lately, and you might be met with a fake, AI-generated “Tank Man Selfie” as the platform’s top — and featured — search result. To be clear, it doesn’t seem like the image was created as an intentional piece of misinformation. It would be one thing if whoever made it had included the AI-generated photo in, say, a blog post about Tiananmen Square. But they didn’t — as noted by 404 Media, who first reported the story, the AI-generated fake was first posted to the subreddit r/midjourney about six months ago. The user who posted it, who goes by the fitting handle Ouroboros696969 on the platform, never pretended that the image was real; after all, they posted the photo to a designated community dedicated to sharing AI-spun imagery — a point that Ouroboros696969 reiterated earlier today when they were accused by another Redditor of “spreading misinformation” on Google. “Bro take it up with Google,” Ouroboros696969 wrote in response to the accusation. “I posted this image to a SUBREDDIT SPECIFICALLY FOR AI ART YOU DUNCE.” Gotta say: Ouroboros696969 makes…Google Made an AI-Generated Fake the First Result for "Tank Man"

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