Google Nearby Share inches closer to AirDrop with new feature 

Google’s Nearby Share has provided phenomenal support to Android users that use NFC to share files between devices, and it might just be the closest competitor to Apple’s AirDrop on Android. Google even officially launched Nearby Share on Windows over a month ago.  That said, Google’s Nearby Share is not as convenient and seamless as Apple’s AirDrop. However, Google is likely making a move to make it slightly better.  Google is working to improve Nearby Share  Recently, a number of Android users noticed Nearby Share targets on Android’s share sheet. One of those users shared a screenshot with prominent technology journalist and Android expert Mishaal Rahman, who took the liberty of sharing the image on X, formerly Twitter.  Nearby Share targets may soon start appearing directly in the Android system share sheet! This would save you a tap as you'd be able to select a device to send to without opening the full Nearby Share menu.In order to reduce clutter in the share sheet, this will likely only…— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) August 16, 2023 As you can see in the image, a few Nearby Share targets are listed on the share sheet, including what looks like a Pixel Tablet and Legion 5 PC.  The difference is, until now, you had to tap Share >> Tap Nearby Share >> Select from a list of devices >> Tap Send. However, the targets are now appearing on the share sheet, making sharing easier by eliminating a step. Source: Google via Mishaal Rahman…Google Nearby Share inches closer to AirDrop with new feature 

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