Google Pixel Watch 2 could get a key Fitbit Sense 2 feature 

Google has officially confirmed the Pixel Watch 2 is coming on October 4th. The video showcased Google’s next smartwatch with a very similar design to its predecessor. A new leak reveals Google plans to add multiple new features. According to 9to5Google, the Mountain View company could launch the new Pixel Watch with a thermometer, stress tracking, personal safety improvements, and a revamped Fitbit UI. More importantly, though, Google is borrowing the stress management feature from the Fitbit Sense 2 and adding it to the Pixel Watch 2. The teaser also revealed the smartwatch will include an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor, which was again confirmed by the 9to5Google’s sources, and it will be used to manage stress.  The Pixel Watch 2 is also getting the temperature measurement feature, which could be the Fitbit Sense 2’s skin temperature reading. Users will be able to check body temperature, and older readings will be accessible via the Fitbit mobile app.  Here’s what you can expect from the Pixel Watch 2  Source: Made By Google Google Pixel Watch 2’s improvements don’t end with stress management and temperature measurement.  Google’s second-generation smartwatch is also expected to feature safety improvements. According to the latest leak, the Pixel Watch 2 would supposedly display the user’s medical information when it detects a car crash. Of course, the feature works in tandem with the Google Pixel phone’s Car Crash Detection capability.  Interestingly, Google is also bringing the ability to schedule a Safety Check from Pixel phones to the Pixel Watch…Google Pixel Watch 2 could get a key Fitbit Sense 2 feature 

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