Google Pixel Watch 2 doesn’t have much-anticipated UWB support

Google just days ago launched its second-generation smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch 2, which was supposed to feature UWB (ultra-wideband) support, like the one we’ve seen in Apple’s AirTag. Even leaker Kamila Wojciechowska had previously reported that the Pixel Watch 2 would be equipped with UWB support. Unfortunately, the new Google watch doesn’t have this feature.  Wojciechowska herself has dug into the Pixel Watch 2’s source code and has discovered that a few of the early iterations of the smartwatch indeed had UWB support. But it was ultimately removed from the source code in June.  I also leaked that the Pixel Watch 2 was getting UWB, which turned incorrect and guess what – it did also have it, at least on some revisions. It was only removed from source code in June.— kamila 🌸 (@Za_Raczke) October 12, 2023 A Pixel Watch 2 with UWB support could’ve been a game changer  Source: Made By Google It’s a shame that Google ultimately decided to drop the UWB from its new smartwatch. Otherwise, its presence would have opened a number of new doors.  Just imagine, the Watch 2 with the UWB support would have (theoretically) supported Android’s Find My network. Locating tracker tags and other UWB-supported devices wouldn’t have been an issue.  The same wireless protocol is also the basis for the features like digital car keys. So, theoretically, a UWB-supported Pixel Watch 2 could have been used to unlock cars, too.  Lastly, a UWB Pixel Watch 2 could theoretically transfer…Google Pixel Watch 2 doesn’t have much-anticipated UWB support

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