Google rolls out dark web monitoring to all Gmail users

You should know by now the internet isn’t exactly the safest place to spend your time, but Google is trying to ease the concerns of the particularly paranoid. The infamous dark web might have your data, and Gmail users can bank on some dark web tracking with Google’s most recent feature.  Anyone with a Gmail address can see how far their data has gone down the internet rabbit hole in a sweeping effort to democratize data security and appease nervous internet crawlers. I don’t get it; how does the Dark Web Monitoring feature help me? Image: KnowTechie The dark web does sound like something out of an absurd summer flick, but it’s all too real and very dangerous for everyone on the internet. It’s For those of you unfamiliar with the Dark Web, it’s part of the internet that isn’t discoverable through standard search engines. It’s hard to find and usually home to cybercriminals.  Exposing your email address to these sources could mean identity theft and other cybersecurity compromises. That’s why Google is giving protection to Gmail users for free. Dark web monitoring used to be behind a paywall, as are most advanced data security measures. Google allows Gmail users to use verification like two-factor authentication and encryption to protect email communications. However, dark web monitoring is a more intense service offering — through higher-tier dark web monitoring is still behind a subscription service. Thanks, Google. hackers What if I find out my email address was exposed? First, you have…Google rolls out dark web monitoring to all Gmail users

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