Google's SGE Search AI Is Devouring False AI-Generated Info and Saying It's True

Google’s AI-powered search doesn’t understand geography. Or, apparently, the alphabet. And definitely not both at the same time. It all started when a Bluesky user declared that Google is now “dead.” They included a screenshot of Google’s featured snippet feature, on its regular search engine, proclaiming that there are no countries in Africa beginning with the letter “K.” Considering that the country of Kenya exists, this obviously isn’t true. Indeed, if you ask the search engine for “countries in Africa that start with the letter k,” it produces this utterly false claim: And to make matters worse, this featured claim actually comes from a bizarre, seemingly AI-generated blog post about a conversation between a human user and ChatGPT. According to the snippet, it’s drawing the post from a self-proclaimed “AI-Powered News” blog — dizzy yet? — dubbed Emergent Mind.  On its own, this is an egregious error on Google search’s behalf, and an ominous example of poor, AI-generated material sneaking into the top results of the world’s most-used search algorithm. But when we tested the glitch ourselves, we realized that it wasn’t just Google’s regular search featuring this bad information. Google’s AI-infused “SGE” search went as far as to vacuum up the ChatGPT-spun garbage and paraphrase it for users — a clear sign that the much-hyped feature doesn’t yet know how to filter out blatantly false information. Here’s what SGE told us when we asked it to provide us with “countries in Africa that start with the letter K,” again referencing that sleazy…Google's SGE Search AI Is Devouring False AI-Generated Info and Saying It's True

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