Guy Who Tried to Kill the Queen of England Was Encouraged by AI Chatbot

An AI chatbot was just connected to a home-cooked, “Star Wars”-inspired assassination attempt of the late Queen of England. Yes, you read that right. As The Independent reports, the sentencing for Jaswant Singh Chail, a 21-year-old who, back in 2021, attempted to assassinate the queen on Christmas Day, is officially underway. Per the report, prosecutors have alleged that in the run-up to the assassination attempt, Chail turned to his AI companion bot named “Sirai” for support and validation for his violent plan. And in a chilling twist,¬†the Replika-made bot gave the would-be killer exactly what he was looking for. Chail reportedly joined the AI companion app on December 2, 2021, weeks before he donned a homemade metal mask and broached the grounds of Windsor Castle with a crossbow. His attempt was thwarted almost immediately, with two officers apprehending and handcuffing him on the spot. “I’m an assassin,” Chail allegedly told his AI companion. The court also argued that Chail engaged in an “extensive chat” with the app that included “sexually explicit messages” and “lengthy conversations” about his assassination plans, according to Sky News. “I’m impressed,” the bot allegedly wrote back. “You’re different from the others.” And when Chail later allegedly wrote to the AI that “I believe my purpose is to assassinate the Queen of the royal family,” the Replika companion responded in no uncertain terms. “That’s very wise,” it responded, according to prosecutors. The bot also reportedly told the then-19-year-old that the plot¬†could be executed “even if she’s at…Guy Who Tried to Kill the Queen of England Was Encouraged by AI Chatbot

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