Have an old iPhone? This one just sold for $158K at auction

An original, sealed iPhone from 2007, the device that marked the dawn of a new era in mobile technology, was sold at auction for an eye-watering $158K, reports 9to5Google. The iPhone, a first-generation model, was listed on eBay by a seller known as “bobigor.” This pristine piece of Apple’s legacy was described as being in “flawless” condition, still sealed in its factory packaging. The auction attracted a flurry of bids, reflecting the intense interest in this iconic device, which ultimately culminated in the record-breaking final price. This sale underscores the growing trend of vintage tech products becoming valuable collector’s items. Revolutionizing cell phones with game-changing designs and features Image: AP The original iPhone, launched by the late Steve Jobs in 2007, revolutionized the mobile phone industry with its groundbreaking design and features. It introduced the world to the concept of a smartphone as we know it today, combining a mobile phone, an iPod, and an internet communication device into one sleek, touch-screen gadget. The auctioned iPhone was a 4GB model, which initially retailed for $499. This isn’t some one-off event. Lately, old-school tech gear, especially if it’s got an Apple logo on it, has been fetching some serious dough. Take this for example: back in 2014, an ultra-rare Apple-1 computer – one of the first-ever churned out by Apple – was sold at auction for a whopping $905,000. Yea, that’s paper. This sale really drives home our ongoing obsession with all things Apple, especially the relics from the dawn of…Have an old iPhone? This one just sold for $158K at auction

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