How the Apple Vision Pro compares to Meta’s headsets

The Apple Vision Pro is the most highly anticipated headset to date, but how does it compare to Meta’s line of Quest headsets? Meta already has two VR headsets on the market and a third on the way. Can Apple compete with the current market leader? Let’s take a look at the specs and features of each product hints that Apple might be the new gold standard.  Apple Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest 2/3/Pro: specs FeatureApple Vision ProMeta’s Quest 2/3/ProPrice$3,500, which is three times more expensive than Meta’s most expensive headset and 10 times costlier than the baseline Quest 2.Clear winner in the price category.Sensors and Display23 million pixel 4K display in each eye, far sharper than the Quest Pro’s Full HD LCDs. Twice as many cameras as the Quest Pro, plus powerful TrueDepth and LiDAR sensors.Not as powerful as Apple Vision Pro in terms of sensors, cameras, and display.Battery LifeEstimated battery life of about two to three hours, uses a detachable wired battery pack.Matches Apple Vision Pro’s battery life, but uses an internal battery.User PrivacyEye-tracking data will never leave the headset, even Apple won’t have access to it.Has been caught selling users’ eye-tracking data for targeted advertising.Games and AppsCan run virtually any app on Apple’s other devices. It can essentially replace an entire Macbook.Heavily concentrated on gaming, primarily in VR. How does the Apple Vision Pro compare to Meta’s headsets on a purely technical level? It will be a tough competitor for Meta but falls short in one important…How the Apple Vision Pro compares to Meta’s headsets

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