How to cancel Disney Plus

Disney Plus is one of the best streaming services out there, with tons of shows and movies to watch. But if you run out of stuff to watch, it goes without saying that you can always cancel your subscription. Maybe you want to reduce your streaming bill or don’t want to pay for Disney Plus anymore now that The Mandalorian is over. Whether you signed up for Mando or you’ve binge-watched every single Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney Princess movie, you might be wanting to cancel Disney Plus to save some cash. And if you’re wondering where to start, we’ll show you how. How to cancel Disney+ Slimming down your streaming bill is always a good thing. After all, isn’t that why you cut the cord in the first place? So, let’s get you on your way. Here’s how to cancel Disney Plus. With streaming costs on the up and up, we all need to keep an eye on our digital dollars. Remember when you kicked cable to the curb to save some cash? Well, it’s time to take a similar step. Don’t worry; I’ve got your back. Here’s the friendly guide to saying “see ya” to Disney Plus. Two minutes 2 minutes Go to the Disney+ website and sign in Click on your Profile Click on Account Select your Subscription details in the middle Click on Cancel Subscription Choose a reason for canceling Disney Plus (or select Other to give no reason) Confirm by clicking on No thanks, Cancel Disney+ If you subscribed through another provider, you’ll have to…How to cancel Disney Plus

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