How to cancel your ESPN+ subscription

If you’ve realized that your monthly bills have ballooned from multiple streaming services, it’s time to start trimming down. Maybe you don’t want to watch live sports now that the season is over, so that ESPN+ subscription is ripe for trimming from your monthly outlay. Maybe you got ESPN+ (mostly) free as part of The Disney Bundle with Disney Plus and Hulu, and now that The Mandalorian is over for another season, you want to remove the triple hit to your bank. Whatever the reason, we’ll show you how to cancel ESPN+ on whichever billing service you used to sign up. How to cancel your ESPN+ subscription If you’re trying to slim down your streaming bill, cutting out ESPN+ now that the NFL season is over is a good start. Sign into your ESPN Plus account Click on the Account icon at the top-right Click on ESPN+ Subscription under Manage my: Click or tap on Cancel Subscription Confirm your cancellation You can also go direct to the Subscription management page If you subscribed through Google Play: You need to go to the Google Play Subscription page, click on your ESPN Plus subscription, then Manage and Cancel Subscription If you signed up on an Apple device: You may need to unsubscribe from your device Settings. This guide is for Apple Music, but ESPN+ will be in the same place. If you subscribed from your Amazon account: Go to and sign in. Find your ESPN Plus subscription in the list, select…How to cancel your ESPN+ subscription

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