How to safeguard employee dignity in a monitored workplace

How can you better safeguard employee dignity in a monitored workplace? In modern times, it’s a rare organization that doesn’t monitor its employees with CCTV cameras.  Over the past ten years, technological advancements have pushed employers to monitor their employees. This has created huge moral dilemmas and instigated heated debates amongst employers and employees about employee’s right to privacy and dignity in a monitored workplace. But how do you safeguard employee dignity in a monitored workplace environment? Let’s find out. Importance of safeguarding employee dignity Employee dignity is the foundation for an ethical workplace. Ethical responsibility and employee dignity are inseparable. The consequences of not safeguarding employee dignity can be disastrous for your business, including: Employee turnover, which is expensive and disruptive to business operations Loss of trust with customers and vendors A hostile workplace culture that impacts employees’ morale and productivity There are many benefits to safeguarding employee dignity.  Positive workplace culture Image: Pexels A good work culture can help organizations attract high-quality talent and retain employees. A positive work environment results in increased productivity and job satisfaction among employees. Employee morale Employee morale is directly proportional to the respect they receive from their supervisors and managers. When employees feel respected at work, they give their best efforts toward achieving organizational goals. Employee retention Employees who feel appreciated and valued are likelier to stay with your company. And when you have happy employees who are not looking for a new job, it means less turnover and fewer recruitment costs….How to safeguard employee dignity in a monitored workplace

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