How to stop Alexa from blurting out delivered holiday gifts

Did you know that any Alexa-enabled device can announce when your packages arrive? Are you already using this feature, so you can catch everything important when it’s dropped off? With holiday gifts coming to your home, you should limit Alexa’s announcements to household supplies. That way, you will avoid any holiday surprises. It won’t stop anyone in your household from looking at your Amazon Orders page, but at least you’ll have a chance to wrap things before they’re spoiled on the doorstep. How to stop Alexa from announcing gift packages when they arrive If you want at least a fighting chance to wrap gifts before the surprise is ruined, here’s how to stop Alexa from ratting you out. Open the Alexa app Open the Alexa app on your smartphone. Head to Settings Tap on More at the bottom right of the screen. Head to the Amazon Shopping menu Tap on Settings, then Notifications, and Amazon Shopping. Turn off announcements Look for the Say or Show Item Titles section. Toggle off the following items Tap the toggle next to Including items in your shopping cart marked as gifts, or those that might be gifts during major holidays. Turn off ask to rate Also, scroll down and tap the toggle next to Request to rate products you’ve purchased. Nothing spoils the surprise more than Amazon asking your family to rate things you’ve bought as a gift. Maybe turn everything off? You could always toggle everything on this page off, at least until…How to stop Alexa from blurting out delivered holiday gifts

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