How to update your iPad to iPadOS 17

Apple releases updates for the iPad throughout the year, with a major update every fall. This means you should be familiar with how to update your iPad when the time comes. The latest version is iPadOS 17, which was released on September 18, 2023. The smaller updates bring feature updates that missed the major release, vulnerability patches, and other bug fixes. The major updates, on the other hand, can completely change the experience of your iPad. You can manually update iPadOS on your iPad or let the iPad do it automatically. The best way to keep your iPad secure from attack is to keep it updated, so we’ll show you how. How to update your iPad to the latest version, iPadOS 17 If you want to update your iPad (and you totally should), here’s how you can do that in just a couple of quick steps: Open Settings Tap on the Settings app on your iPad. Navigate to the update page Tap on General. Navigate to Software Update Tap on Software Update. Download the update Tap on Download and Install. Remove apps temporarily You might get asked if you want to remove apps because the update needs more space temporarily. Tap on Continue. iOS will reinstall those apps after the update is finished. Final step Tap on Install once the download is done, then confirm the update with your screen unlock code. Now you’ve got your iPad updated to the latest version of iPadOS. It’s never a bad time to update your iPad…How to update your iPad to iPadOS 17

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