How to update your iPhone to iOS 17

Apple releases updates for the iPhone throughout the year, with a major update every fall. The major update is timed with the release of that year’s iPhone range. This year, iOS 17 is here, with tweaks to autocorrect, and many other requested features. This begs the question: How do you update your iPhone to iOS 17, and what do those updates do? The smaller updates bring any feature updates that missed the major update or patch vulnerabilities and other bugs. While major ones can completely change your iOS from an older version to the latest version. You can manually update iOS on your iPhone or let the iPhone do it automatically. The best way to keep your iPhone secure from attack is to keep it updated, so we’ll show you how. How to update your iPhone to iOS 17 If you are ready to update your iPhone, follow the steps below. This works for any update, whether it is a minor update or a major one. Before you start, it’s worth checking if your iPhone is compatible. Every iPhone since the iPhone X is compatible, so think about possibly upgrading if you are on an older model. Open Settings Tap on the Settings app. Navigate to General Tap on the General category. Open Software Update Tap on Software Update. Select the update Apple decoupled major updates from security ones, so tap the Upgrade to iOS 17 banner at the bottom. Download the update Tap on the Download and Install button….How to update your iPhone to iOS 17

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