How to use iPhone’s Remember This shortcut (and why you should)

If you suffer from memory issues or just want a quick and easy way to jot down your thoughts, Apple’s Remember This shortcut might be the solution you’re looking for. Once you’ve set up the shortcut, a quick tap or a Siri command lets you type a note and, if wanted, add a photo to your memory. Memories are then saved in the Notes app for easy access and review. Don’t let your precious thoughts slip away into the ether. Let’s discuss how to use ‘Remember This’ to never forget anything again. How to use the ‘Remember This’ shortcut on iPhone You can set up and use Remember This on iOS by following these steps: Launch the Shortcuts app and tap Gallery [ios-shortcuts-home.jpeg] Select Shortcuts for Accessibility. Alternatively, type Remember This in the search box Find and tap Remember This in the list. Within Shortcuts for Accessibility, you’ll find it in the Wellbeing section Tap Add Shortcut How to store a memory To store a memory, select Shortcuts in the bottom menu bar and tap Remember This. Alternatively, you can add the shortcut to your Home Screen and select it from there (instructions below) Add a text note to the memory and tap Done When asked if you want to include a photo, select either Yes or No, depending on your preference. Choosing No completes the remembering process, while Yes launches the camera and lets you snap a picture Once you’ve saved a remembering or two, you can access them…How to use iPhone’s Remember This shortcut (and why you should)

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