Idiots Fooled by AI-Generated Pics of Satanic Merchandise at Target

Moving Target Far-right Facebook was sent spiraling last week over so-called images of children wearing what looked to be Target merchandise covered in Satanic imagery. These people, however, are idiots, and all of the images in question — which also included depictions of Satanic horned mannequins, because that’s also something that a major retailer would definitely put in suburban shopping centers — were AI-generated fakes. “Look at the faces on these children, I feel in my spirit, they even knew there was something satanic with making them be photographed with these clothes on,” reads one such post, shared on May 30 by the administrators of a Facebook group called Christian Patriots. “If you are a Christian and a parent and you shop at Target, Lord, have mercy on you.” “Is this for real?” asked one skeptical commenter. “Unfortunately it is,” the page’s admin responded. But again, unfortunately for these good ol’ Christian Patriots, it isn’t for real. The images were AI-generated by a Facebook user named Dan Reese, who first posted the phony pictures to a Facebook group called “AI Art Universe” and separately confirmed to Reuters that the images in question were created using the text-to-image AI system Midjourney. The images of Satan-worshipping tykes — one of whom was depicted with tattoos, by the way — may not have been real, but watching people lose their minds over these fake images as if they were real is clearly a new layer of AI-driven internet hell. Seeing Is Believing A…Idiots Fooled by AI-Generated Pics of Satanic Merchandise at Target

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