Igor Makarov shares tips on creating a productive work environment

Igor Makarov is the founder of ARETI International Group and an accomplished businessman. He’s also a philanthropist and former professional cyclist who founded the successful, Swiss-registered professional cycling team “KATUSHA” and is a member of the International Cycling Union management committee.  Igor has gained valuable insights from his leadership experiences in these areas, having led organizations with thousands of people. According to Igor, inspiring and empowering team members is one of the most important jobs of being a leader and the key to making strong teams that can achieve success. Below is an overview of Igor’s approach to creating productive work environments. Fostering unity through shared vision and goals Unity leads to success, which is a mantra of Igor’s and one he shares with managers and leaders looking for productive work environments. However, creating unity in a diverse team is more challenging than it seems. Unity results from team building, effective communication, trust, resilience, and goal setting. Through his various ventures and successful management, Igor has identified the qualities that make a great leader who can inspire unity and success. The first thing he identifies as crucial to productivity is clarity of vision. Leaders need a clear and compelling vision of and roadmap to their organization’s future. A strong vision is a guiding force that brings team members together to work toward common goals. Shared visions instill purpose and passion, driving teams to do their part in the overall machine that is the organization. Building trust through integrity and communication…Igor Makarov shares tips on creating a productive work environment

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