iOS 17 finally solves that stupid scan-to-tap QR problem

Do you remember when Apple first introduced its QR code scanning feature? You know, the one where you point your camera at a QR code, a bubble appears, and you have to stay still while attempting to tap a floating menu? Yeah, it isn’t the easiest thing to pull off but guess what – that’s going away soon because the great minds at Apple are doing something about it in iOS 17. If you’re wondering how they’re doing it, no, Apple isn’t developing some new QR code scanning innovation, and they’re certainly not going to change because I wrote a blog once. So how they’re doing it? Easy, they’re just moving the menu so it appears at the bottom of the screen vs. floating around like some Pokemon Go character. Image: KnowTechie via 9to5Mac First spotted by 9to5Mac, a link button appears at the bottom of the Camera app when you scan a QR code. This makes it easy to tap with your thumb, just like the Safari search bar at the bottom of the screen. You might think this is just a minor change, but let’s face it – we’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to tap that annoying floating button. So it’s about time Apple stepped up and made this feature more user-friendly. Editors’ Recommendations: Apple will automatically blur your nudes in iOS 17 Apple is finally tweaking the autocorrect function with iOS 17 Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air vs. 16-inch MacBook Pro Apple will refresh Podcasts interface, search…iOS 17 finally solves that stupid scan-to-tap QR problem

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