iPad Pro lineup rumored to go OLED in 2024

Apple is going all-in on OLED displays. Apple has always been somewhat hesitant to adopt OLED panels, even as competitors switched long ago. The company likely had its reasons. However, a recent report suggests a major OLED-related change is coming for Apple devices. While select iPhones and Apple Watches utilize OLED, Apple’s latest iPads and MacBooks still lack the technology. The 2024 iPad Pro with an OLED panel Image: KnowTechie According to a new report from research firm Omdia, Apple plans to bring OLED panels to both iPads and MacBooks soon. This aligns with our previous report suggesting the same. Per the new report, the iPad Pro will be the first to get OLED in 2024. Both 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models are expected to adopt OLED panels starting in 2024. Production is slated to begin in Q1 2024. Apple reportedly plans to use advanced low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) OLED technology. LTPO OLED is the most cutting-edge panel technology currently available. It makes sense for Apple to adopt it for its high-end iPad Pro lineup. Image: Apple The current iPad Pros use Mini LED LCD, which is also a premium display tech. However, LTPO OLED remains more advanced compared to even the best LED. OLED offers perfect blacks, HDR, per-pixel light control, and power efficiency advantages over LED. With LTPO, Apple could push brightness and dynamic refresh rates even further. Unfortunately, MacBook users will need to wait longer. OLED MacBooks aren’t expected until 2027 or later. Have any thoughts…iPad Pro lineup rumored to go OLED in 2024

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