Is the return to the office truly inevitable in 2023? This company proves otherwise

Empowering employees to work remotely solved more than a handful of problems for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other side of the pandemic, however, remote work is causing big problems. Many employees have decided that they really like remote work. In fact, many say they are willing to take a pay cut in order to keep working from home. Yet, in many organizations, management still wants their employees back in the office due to concerns about flagging productivity and eroding culture. As this tension plays out, some innovative organizations are proving that, with the right retooling, remote work can become the new normal. Tigerhall is one of those organizations. Founded in 2019 by Swedish entrepreneur Nellie Wartoft, Tigerhall is a social learning platform that is revolutionizing the way professionals learn from one another in the real world. It gives individuals and organizations the ability to reimagine talent development with micro-learning opportunities and in-the-moment insights provided by subject matter experts and Fortune 500 leaders. The following tips from Wartoft can be leveraged by organizations looking to build culture and drive productivity while still giving employees the flexibility they want. Retool onboarding to meet remote challenges Image: Pexels Getting onboarding right is critical for any organization. An effective onboarding process clarifies roles and expectations, accelerates new hire proficiency, and helps with cultural assimilation.  When onboarding makes new hires feel welcome and valued, it also builds loyalty and improves retention. The biggest challenge for onboarding remote workers is incorporating ways for…Is the return to the office truly inevitable in 2023? This company proves otherwise

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