Is your iPhone 15 Pro Max experiencing OLED burn-in?

The new iPhone 15 Pro Max is exhibiting some ghosting display issues that users should be aware of. On Twitter, Reddit, and Apple support forums, users are noticing an unsettling ghosting effect, where faint outlines of interface elements stubbornly linger on the screen after use. While some image retention is expected with OLED, its prevalence among Pro Max owners points to more than regular degradation. This “burn-in” effect is common among OLED displays when a static image remains for an extended period. But the frequency of complaints suggests this is more than just user error. Image: @tarunvats33 / Twitter There could be a brightness calibration issue or quality control problems with the iPhone 15 Pro Max panels. So, what’s the fix? Well, Apple suggests heading to your nearest Apple Store to get your device checked out. And maybe don’t leave your phone displaying the same image for hours on end, especially when you’re out and about and your screen brightness is cranked up. If the problem persists, document it with photos and video and book a Genius Bar appointment. Apple is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. You may be able to get a replacement under warranty if the ghosting is severe. Image: Reddit This is an inherent drawback of OLED tech that Apple will continue working to minimize. In the meantime, being aware of best practices can help new iPhone owners prevent or reduce the chances of screen burn-in. With proper care and some patience,…Is your iPhone 15 Pro Max experiencing OLED burn-in?

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