Joe Biden's Executive Order on AI Is Expansive, But Vague

President Joe Biden has issued a “landmark” executive order on AI, an expansive ordinance that seeks to balance the advancement of AI technologies with mitigating its many risks. In the order, the White House makes it very clear that it doesn’t want to stop the AI gravy train. Describing AI as “one of the most powerful technologies of our time,” the mandate specifically notes that it intends to ensure that America “leads the way in seizing the promise” of AI amid the global arms race for the technology. And though it does list a number of specific AI concerns, it mostly uses vague, sweeping language to discuss its plans to address them, providing little in the way of solutions or timelines. The mandate breaks the White House’s AI focuses into eight distinct categories, each with its own subset of concerns. These broader categories of interest include focuses on renewed safety and security standards for private AI developers, civil rights and equity in AI algorithms and their applications, consumer privacy protections, and support for workers who might find themselves displaced by AI systems, among others. One of the more notable provisions in the order includes new requirements for AI “red-teaming” practices, or the broad risk assessment processes by which AI makers test their technologies for issues like racial bias, misinformation generation, and other potentially problematic outputs. Until now, there’s been little to no required government oversight of AI red-teaming, meaning that we’ve been relying on AI companies to develop their own…Joe Biden's Executive Order on AI Is Expansive, But Vague

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