Lawsuit Claims Google Is Vacuuming Up People’s Whole Lives to Train AI

Everything and Anything Lawsuits against AI companies for their training and data practices continue to pile up. And this time, Google’s the one in the hot seat. As Reuters reports, a class action lawsuit is accusing Google of “secretly stealing everything ever created and shared on the internet by hundreds of millions of Americans” in order to train its AI models. Filed on Tuesday in San Francisco by the Clarkson Law Firm — which, notably, filed a very similar class action case against ChatGPT maker OpenAI just two weeks ago — the suit claims Google could owe at least five billion dollars in restitution for vacuuming up our online lives, from social media albums to blog posts to published novels, and using that data to train AI systems. “Google has taken all our personal and professional information, our creative and copywritten works, our photographs, and even our emails — virtually the entirety of our digital footprint,” reads the lawsuit. “For years, Google harvested this data in secret,” it continues, “without notice or consent from anyone.” Terms of Service In a statement to Reuters, the plaintiffs’ attorney, Ryan Clarkson, doubled down on the suit’s accusations. “Google does not own the internet,” said Clarkson, “it does not own our creative works, it does not own our expressions of our personhood, pictures of our families and children, or anything else simply because we share it online.” To Clarkson’s point, though, the search giant kind of does own the internet. With roughly 90 percent of all search market…Lawsuit Claims Google Is Vacuuming Up People’s Whole Lives to Train AI

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