Leaked Google Pixel 8 Pro ad showcases “Audio Magic Eraser” 

The Google Pixel 8 series is expected to be unveiled soon, and in the last few months, we have seen a steady stream of related leaks.  The most recent leak revealed Google would stick to the 128GB base storage for another year, which was somewhat disappointing. However, we have yet another video leak showcasing the Google Pixel 8 Pro.  New leaked Google Pixel 8 Pro video  The leaker posted the Google Pixel 8 Pro video on X (formerly Twitter), and it looks like an ad spot, likely to be used as a television commercial in the future.  Seems like the new Pixel 8 series will introduce Audio Magic Eraser feature to reduce video background noise.#Pixel8 #Pixel8Pro #GooglePixel pic.twitter.com/Tb23MoDuUI— EZ (@EZ8622647227573) August 11, 2023 The video shows a few skateboarders using a new Google Pixel 8 Pro and a feature named “Audio Magic Eraser.”  As the name suggests, the so-called “Audio Magic Eraser” will use AI to remove unnecessary audio from video clips. Of course, we are yet to experience this feature in the real world, but it sounds cool. It seems like Google has decided to extend its Magic Eraser feature from photos to audio for videos. The clip ends by showing the Google Pixel 8 Pro, in a new Blue colorway, likely the “Sky” color revealed in a previous leak, and it looks fantastic. What we find most interesting is that the text on the video says “Google Pixel 8” repeatedly, but in the end, we only see the Google…Leaked Google Pixel 8 Pro ad showcases “Audio Magic Eraser” 

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