Lenovo Legion Go is a potential Steam Deck competitor that will run Windows

The handheld gaming market completely changed after the launch of Valve’s Steam Deck. It is unexpectedly growing, and every big brand is developing its own iteration of the product in a desperate attempt to grab hold of the market. The most notable recent addition is ASUS’s ROG Ally. It appears that Chinese tech giant Lenovo is working on a handheld gaming device, trying to grab a piece of the pie. Lenovo Legion Go — a gaming handheld with an 8-inch display  According to Windows Central, a so-called “Lenovo Legion Go” could be in the works. Legion is a gaming-focused sub-brand of Lenovo. According to the rumor, Lenovo is developing a gaming handheld device under the Legion” banner featuring an 8-inch display. In other words, Lenovo’s upcoming device could have a larger display compared to the 7-inch display available on the Steam Deck and the ROG Ally. Lenovo Legion Go could also sport the new AMD Ryzen Phoenix processor, making it more powerful than ROG Ally. However, at this point, it’s all just speculation, and we don’t have any concrete information about the Lenovo Legion Go.  But remember that this is the first time we heard that Lenovo is working on a gaming handheld. Years ago, Lenovo was rumored to work on an Android-powered gaming handheld, which never came to light. So, it is totally possible the Lenovo Legion Go may never become a reality.  Given the lack of information about the device, we are unlikely to see it launch this year….Lenovo Legion Go is a potential Steam Deck competitor that will run Windows

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