Lil Wayne Isn’t Worried About AI Because He’s Too Unique and “Amazing”

Be Me Lil Wayne has joined the ranks of musicians who’ve weighed in on AI — and his take is as self-assured and potty-mouthed as his rhymes. In an interview with Billboard, Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. — better known by his stage name Lil Wayne — admitted that he’s not all that worried about AI “replacing” him because, well, it’s not him. “Someone asked me about [AI] recently,” Weezy told his interviewer. “And they were trying to tell me that AI could make a voice that sounds just like me. But it’s not me, because I’m amazing.” “I’m like, is this AI thing going to be amazing too?” Tunechi continued. “Because I am naturally, organically amazing. I’m one of a kind. So actually, I would love to see that thing try to duplicate this motherf*ker.” Lil Wayne speaks on AI in a new interview with Billboard! — (@weezyffacts2) August 2, 2023 How to Love The New Orleans legend has a point. Although AI can mimic human artists’ voices pretty convincingly, they’re not “naturally, organically amazing” because they’re not, you know, organic. Moreover, Wayne’s skilled wordplay would be particularly difficult to surpass for an AI chatbot, which tend to be pretty derivative. Bravado is nothing new in the rap game, but Weezy’s remarks were so braggadocious that The Root has already declared his “beef” with AI “the best of the year.” A Milli Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Wayne has commented on AI — not exactly, at least. In a 2019’s…Lil Wayne Isn’t Worried About AI Because He’s Too Unique and “Amazing”

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