Man Sues OpenAI After ChatGPT Claimed He Embezzled Money

Right to Bear AI A radio host from Georgia named Mark Walters is suing OpenAI after its ChatGPT service told a journalist that he was embezzling funds from The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), a gun rights nonprofit. Walters filed the likely first-of-its-kind libel lawsuit earlier this week, Gizmodo reports, alleging that ChatGPT damaged his reputation by making the claims. While lawyers will likely encounter an uphill battle proving that an AI chatbot harmed Walters’ reputation in court, the lawsuit could nevertheless steer the conversation as these tools continue to hallucinate claims with aplomb. Walters vs. ChatGPT In the suit, Walters’ lawyer alleges that OpenAI’s chatbot “published libelous material regarding Walters” when Fred Riehl, the editor-in-chief of a gun website, asked it for a summary of a case involving Washington attorney general Bob Ferguson and the SAF. ChatGPT implicated Walters in the case, and even identified him as the SAF’s treasurer and chief financial officer — which he isn’t. In fact, Walters isn’t involved with the SAF at all and the case Riehl was researching makes no mention of Walters’ name. The AI tool even doubled down, generating entire passages of the suit — which isn’t even about shady financial accounting — that were entirely made up. As Gizmodo points out, the AI even messed up the case number. Importantly, Riehl never even published false information spat out by the AI, but later contacted attorneys involved in the suit in question. ChatGPT and other AI chatbots like it have a well-recorded…Man Sues OpenAI After ChatGPT Claimed He Embezzled Money

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