Meta Is Apparently Developing a Secret, Powerful New AI

Second Wind As OpenAI and Google sprint ahead in the ongoing Silicon Valley AI race, Meta — yes, the company that renamed itself just three years ago to go all in on the prior tech craze of the metaverse — appears more determined than ever to catch up. According to new reporting from The Wall Street Journal, Meta is secretly developing a powerful new AI model designed to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4, the most advanced iteration of the rival AI firm’s large language model (LLM) to date. Very little is known about the model, and as the WSJ reports, the details of the AI — which, as of now, is reportedly intended to “help other companies to build services that produce sophisticated text, analysis and other output” — may still be subject to change. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t Meta’s first foray into LLM territory; LLAMA-2, the company’s much-hyped language model, was released just a few months ago. But according to WSJ’s sources, Meta is hoping that its new AI will be “several times more powerful” than LLAMA-2 — a sign, perhaps, that LLAMA-2 isn’t entirely cutting it as a GPT-4 alternative, and that Meta knows it has to seriously up its ante if it’s going to keep up with its competitors. Dust in the Wind Per the report, the model is being built by a Meta team — formed earlier this year by the company’s founder and longtime overlord Mark Zuckerberg — that was initially tasked with…Meta Is Apparently Developing a Secret, Powerful New AI

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