Meta’s new Twitter clone, Threads, is now out in the wild

Alright, folks, grab your popcorn because the social media landscape is getting a shake-up. Meta (you know, the artist formerly known as Facebook) has just dropped Threads – an app that’s so Twitter-esque it’s got us all doing double takes. After months of development, Threads made its grand debut on Wednesday night. Now available for download on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Threads might make you feel like you’re seeing double – or should we say Tweeting double? While its interface might have you seeing Twitter-shaped stars, don’t be fooled; Threads isn’t just another carbon copy in the social media Xerox machine. Your Instagram handle will work in Threads Image: KnowTechie Threads comes with its own bag of tricks. For starters, it’s built on Instagram’s network, which means you can conveniently reuse your Insta handle and bring along your army of followers without breaking a sweat. The timing couldn’t be better (or worse if you’re Team Twitter). With recent boycotts and user exodus due to what some are calling ‘Twitter tantrums’, many users have been hunting for greener pastures where they can tweet…err…thread peacefully. And then there was that awkward moment when Twitter decided to limit access to posts right before Threads hit the market. Officially blamed on bot activity concerns (yeah, right), critics suspect technical glitches were actually at play here – adding fuel to the already raging fire among disgruntled Tweeters. But hold onto your hashtags! There’s a catch: currently, the app is only accessible…Meta’s new Twitter clone, Threads, is now out in the wild

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