Microsoft embraces third-place status in console wars

Well, folks, it’s happened. In a twist that no one saw coming (or did we?), Microsoft has finally admitted what we’ve all suspected for years – they’re losing the console wars to Nintendo and Sony. This startling confession came amidst their ongoing legal tussle with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over their audacious $69 billion bid to acquire Activision Blizzard. In a court document submitted on June 22nd, Microsoft essentially said, “we give up” in their battle against Nintendo and Sony. This news took me by surprise, and maybe you feel the same. I’ve always seen Sony as a strong competitor, but it’s easy to overlook Nintendo’s influence. They’re like a sleeping giant, ready to make their move. Microsoft reminisced about how ever since they launched their first Xbox back in 2001 (which looked more like an ogre than a gaming console), they’ve been trailing behind GameCube and PlayStation 2 sales. According to VGChartz’s data, Xbox only managed to snag a measly 16% market share last year, while Nintendo and Sony lounged comfortably at the top. Even with new releases like Xbox Series X and Series S selling just 21 million units compared to PlayStation 5’s/Nintendo Switch’s insane figure of 36 million units sold – it leaves us wondering what’s next. From console loser to content dreamer: the new vision for Xbox Image: Unsplash But don’t start playing Taps just yet! Microsoft isn’t throwing in ALL towels – they’ve got plans. Like, really big plans. They’re reportedly building something similar to…Microsoft embraces third-place status in console wars

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