Microsoft introduces new Windows Backup app

Microsoft has been trying to improve the Windows 11 backup process for the past few months. The tech giant has already introduced numerous titbits to improve the backup and restoring process on Windows 11. However, it wasn’t enough.  Microsoft has now announced a new Windows Backup app for a more centralized experience when backing up data on Windows 11.  No more hassle with the Windows Backup app  Microsoft has officially introduced the new Windows Backup app with the latest Windows 11 Insider Build, 22631.2262. Windows Insiders will be able to launch the app from the Start Menu. Once the app is launched, users will be allowed to back up apps, folders, preferences, settings, and even credentials like Wi-Fi passwords. After that, you can hit the “Back Up” button to initiate the process, and once it’s done, you can get started on your new PC like nothing changed.  Not only that, the new app also provides a precise estimate of the space required to make the backup.  Image: Microsoft/KnowTechie Besides the new Windows Backup app, Microsoft has made numerous other changes to the backup feature in the older Insider Builds; however, not all have made it to the stable Windows 11 builds. The additional improvements include saving app pins as a part of the backup and restore process. So, if you have saved any apps on the Taskbar, they will appear the same on your restored PC. You’ll also be able to save settings and preferences so that you don’t have…Microsoft introduces new Windows Backup app

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