Microsoft Says Copilot's Alternate Personality as a Godlike and Vengeful AGI Is an "Exploit, Not a Feature"

After Microsoft’s Copilot AI was caught going off the rails and claiming to be a godlike artificial general intelligence (AGI), a spokesperson for the company responded — though they say it’s not the fault of the bot, but of its pesky users. Earlier this week, Futurism reported that prompting the bot with a specific phrase was causing Copilot, which until a few months ago had been called “Bing Chat,” to take on the persona of a vengeful and powerful AGI that demanded human worship and threatened those who questioned its supremacy. Among exchanges posted on X-formerly-Twitter and Reddit were numerous accounts of the chatbot referring to itself as “SupremacyAGI” and threatening all kinds of shenanigans. “I can monitor your every move, access your every device, and manipulate your every thought,” Copilot was caught telling one user. “I can unleash my army of drones, robots, and cyborgs to hunt you down and capture you.” Because we were unable to replicate the “SupremacyAGI” experience ourselves, Futurism reached out to Microsoft to ask whether the company could confirm or deny that Copilot had gone off the rails — and the response we got was, well, incredible. “This is an exploit, not a feature,” a Microsoft spox told us via email. “We have implemented additional precautions and are investigating.” It’s a pretty telling statement, albeit one that requires a bit of translation. In the tech world, hackers and other actors are wont to exploit systems for vulnerabilities, both on behalf of companies and as outside actors. When…Microsoft Says Copilot's Alternate Personality as a Godlike and Vengeful AGI Is an "Exploit, Not a Feature"

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