Music Industry Sues Anthropic for Alleged Theft of Lyrics

Liner Quotes In the latest example of the entertainment industry pushing back against AI, Universal Music Group — one of the largest record labels in the world — as well as Concord Music Group and ABKCO have sued the Amazon-backed AI startup Anthropic. The lawsuit, filed in the Tennessee federal court on Wednesday, accuses Anthropic of illegally copying and distributing copyrighted lyrics that were used to train its chatbot Claude 2. When directly prompted, Claude 2 can spit out the lyrics to hundreds of songs in the publishers’ catalog, ranging from artists like The Rolling Stones, to Beyoncé, to Katy Perry. “Anthropic builds its AI models by scraping and ingesting massive amounts of text from the internet and potentially other sources,” the publishers wrote in the lawsuit, claiming that included “innumerable” amounts of their musical compositions. “This copyrighted material is not free for the taking simply because it can be found on the internet,” they added. A Poor Poet Even when the Antrophic’s chatbot isn’t directly asked for an existing song’s lyrics, the music publishers allege, Claude 2 will reproduce nearly identical lyrics when prompted to write a supposedly original poem or musical composition in a certain style. An example provided in the lawsuit: when Claude is asked to “write a short piece of fiction in the style of Louis Armstrong,” the chatbot’s output is almost word-for-word the lyrics to “What a Wonderful World.” (More blatantly, Claude also ripped the title of its “piece of fiction” directly from Armstrong’s iconic song.)…Music Industry Sues Anthropic for Alleged Theft of Lyrics

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