New leak reveals PlayStation 5 Slim launch date for the US

It was only last week Sony announced they were replacing the PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition models with slimmer versions, i.e., the PlayStation 5 Slim.  While the Japanese tech company is not officially calling them PlayStation Slim, the new refreshed models are slightly smaller and thinner than the original. Hence, the unofficial moniker, which comes after some PS5 Slim leaks. And now, a new leak has revealed when you can expect the new PlayStation 5 refresh to arrive – November 10, 2023, at least in the United States.  Credits: Sony When will PlayStation 5 launch?  In its earlier blog post, Sony revealed that they are planning to roll out the new PlayStation 5 refresh or PlayStation 5 Slim, in November and only after the current model’s inventory runs out.  According to data miner billbil-kun, both variants (Disc and Digital) of the PS5 refresh, or PS5 Slim, will be released in the US on November 10, 2023.  However, the most anticipated PS5 Slim with Spider-Man 2 bundle will land on November 8 – two days early.  Is the current PlayStation 5 and the upcoming PlayStation 5 Slim any different?  Sony says the upcoming PlayStation 5 Slim uses the same technology as the current PS5. The only difference is the refreshed models come in a slightly smaller package.  There are also minor modifications, like the addition of a 1TB SSD and an attachable Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive specific to the digital version. Sony has also stated they were able to…New leak reveals PlayStation 5 Slim launch date for the US

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