New Nintendo Switch 2 leak hints at a September 2024 launch date 

Nintendo Switch has had a solid run since it launched in 2017. After that, Nintendo refreshed the Switch with a new, brighter, and larger OLED screen and nothing more. It badly needs an update in today’s market, which is filled with heavy hitters like the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, and more.  An update is long overdue for the Nintendo’s console, and the rumors regarding a next-generation console, the so-called Nintendo Switch 2, have been circling since last year, but nothing concrete. It was only recently revealed that the Gamescon developers were given a Nintendo Switch 2 demo. And now we have more information pointing to the console’s 2024 launch date.   The leak comes from the a leaker known as SoldierDelta on Discord. It’s not the strongest source we’ve seen yet, but SoldierDelta has leaked a few things accurately before.  Source: SoldierDelta, via Discord Apparently, there will be two variants of the Nintendo Switch 2 According to the leak, the new Nintendo consoles with the internal name NG are targeting a September 2024 release, more precisely, 24 September. It could be pushed to November 2024, too, as the September date could be a placeholder. In addition, Nintendo will launch two models of the device, A standard model priced at $449 US, and a digital-only option for $400 US. As SoldierDelta didn’t reveal their source, you should stay skeptical and take this information with a grain of salt.  However, Nintendo has already showcased the Switch 2 over a month ago, and…New Nintendo Switch 2 leak hints at a September 2024 launch date 

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