New Spotify ‘feature’ lets 32 people DJ a playlist at once

Spotify’s got a hot new feature called “Jam” that’s gonna change how you and your friends pick the perfect bangers for your ragers. The idea is you can have up to 32 people controlling one mega-playlist in real-time. No more lame DJ monopolies or fights over the aux cord. Now everyone can unleash their impeccable music taste on the party at the same time. But haven’t we learned anything from Facebook Events? Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the brunch. Can you imagine a playlist curated by 32 opinions? It’ll be like putting your party on shuffle…pure chaos. Not to mention, Spotify’s algorithms will be suggesting songs, too. So your meticulously crafted playlist can still get Effed up by the AI. Cool cool cool. At least with one DJ there’s a singular vision and flow. With Jam, you might get 6 Lil Nas X songs in a row, followed by three showtunes and then Darude’s “Sandstorm” 15 times. The possibilities are endless! While other streaming services like Apple Music focus on hardware synergy and profits, Spotify’s out here A/B testing every gimmick under the sun, trying to make streaming “social.” First, it was Blends (a way to mathematically mashup you and your boo’s taste), then the cringe AI DJ, and now this Frankenstein’s playlist monster. Slow your roll, Spotify! Maybe focus on paying artists fairly first. But hey, at least this new Jam feature will be great for killing parties and friendships. We were promised flying cars in 2020,…New Spotify ‘feature’ lets 32 people DJ a playlist at once

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