OnePlus 12’s global launch date got leaked 

Last week, we got a sneak peek at OnePlus’s next big thing – the OnePlus 12. Thanks to some leaked CAD renders; we now have a better idea of what to expect from this upcoming smartphone. And let me tell you; there are some pretty interesting design changes on the horizon. Rumor has it that OnePlus is planning to unveil its next flagship in December. But hold your horses – this launch will be exclusive to China, with a global release following shortly after. Today though, we’ve got an update on that front: the latest leak tells us when exactly the OnePlus 12 will hit markets worldwide. Leaked OnePlus 12 Global Launch Date Source: OnLeaks/KnowTechie Not too long ago, well-known tipster Yogesh Brar dropped a bombshell via Twitter: The One Plus 12 global launch date is set for the S 12 is set for two months post its China debut. If Brar’s intel holds up, we’re looking at a February 2024 release for the OnePlus 12. This aligns perfectly with last year’s schedule for the OnePlus 11 launch. Previously, leaker Max Jambor (the same guy who leaked those CAD renders) mentioned that OnePlus’s new flagship would first see daylight in China come December. So with two credible sources singing from the same hymn sheet, it seems like folks outside of China might have to twiddle their thumbs a bit longer before they can get their mitts on this hotly anticipated device. However, plot twist! A few hours later, Max Jambor…OnePlus 12’s global launch date got leaked 

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