OpenAI CEO Says He Loses Sleep Over Decision to Release ChatGPT

AI Accelerationist OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is back at it again, with yet another admission that he’s fearful of the artificial intelligence he hath wrought. During a live panel interview with the Times of India, Altman said that he’s been stressed out enough about the release of ChatGPT that he’s lost sleep. “The thing that I lose the most sleep over is that we already have done something really bad,” he told reporters. “I don’t think we have, but the hypothetical that we, by launching ChatGPT into the world, shot the industry out of a railgun and we now don’t get to have much impact anymore.” The CEO went on to add that he is concerned that “there’s gonna be an acceleration” in creating new AI systems that could contain complexities that he and his peers didn’t understand before launching.¬†Us too, buddy! He Scared Altman’s insomniac admission is, of course, far from the first time he’s confessed anxieties about AI. For months, the CEO has been making public statements about his fears surrounding the future of AI, from concerns about competitors that may make evil algorithms to his decision to be a signatory on an open letter warning about AI causing an “extinction” event. So common is his voicing of these apprehensions that he’s actually called out people for “dunking” on his misgivings. “I think it’s weird when people think it’s like a big dunk that I say, I’m a little bit afraid,” Altman told podcaster Lex Fridman earlier this…OpenAI CEO Says He Loses Sleep Over Decision to Release ChatGPT

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