Opera’s new AI browser, Opera One, makes you feel like Tony Stark

The fan-favorite Opera browser announced their 100th iteration of its flagship program, and it came out today (you can download it here). Opera One is everything you love about the quirky browser but with the added capability of using their AI, Aria. Aria was added to the Opera browser in beta back in May. But this ChatGPT-powered sidebar feature is already looking pretty good. If you’re looking for some basic information or how to use features on the Opera browser, it can help put you in the right direction. But, it goes a little further if utilized right. Download Opera One (FREE) Image: KnowTechie Aria AI on Opera One is now available, so I tried it I downloaded the Opera One browser to try it out, as I use Opera GX for some of its features on one of my computers. Aria works as well as any current ChatGPT app. With that said, it’s not perfect. But it isn’t terrible. Booting it up, it acts like any other ChatGPT app. This one has you sign in to your Opera account, which syncs across your browsers. I asked it to give me the best video game-related news from today, and it spits out a fine mixture of older news, a headline from years ago, a listicle title, free advertising for Best Buy, and a few directly-copied headlines from today. When I asked if I could have links to these headlines, Aria told me that it was not within its capabilities. So,…Opera’s new AI browser, Opera One, makes you feel like Tony Stark

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