Pixel Watch 2 leak hints at a lighter build, new Fitbit features

It’s been a while since Google launched its first Wear OS-based smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch. Now, it’s almost time for its successor to launch. We haven’t heard much about the Pixel Watch 2, but a new leak sheds some light on what to expect. According to 9to5Google, the watch is expected to launch alongside the Google Pixel 8 series at the next Google I/O. With this new leak, we have some new information about what to expect from the upcoming Google smartwatch, specifically its build. The Pixel Watch 2 will apparently feature an aluminum frame instead of stainless steel. The Pixel Watch 2 will be lighter, but that may not be a good thing  Image: Google/KnowTechie 9to5Google‘s report claims the upcoming Google smartwatch will have an aluminum body instead of stainless steel, according to the publication’s sources. The report states that the second Google smartwatch will weigh slightly less than the 36g of the original Pixel Watch thanks to the use of a lighter aluminum chassis. Of course, when it comes to smartwatches, lesser weight generally translates to better comfort. However, it also means the new watch won’t come with a significant battery capacity improvement, as expected.  Aluminum watches aren’t a new concept for Google since it owns Fitbit. The latest Fitbit trackers, Sense and Versa, both sport the same material.  Image: Google The original Pixel Watch is already pretty slim in comparison to most smartwatches on the market, and the battery also lasts almost a day. However, previous…Pixel Watch 2 leak hints at a lighter build, new Fitbit features

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