Pluralistic: Async mugwump linkdump (30 Mar 2024)

Today’s links Async mugwump linkdump: A weekend assortment. This day in history: 2004, 2009, 2014, 2019, 2023 Upcoming appearances: Where to find me. Recent appearances: Where I’ve been. Latest books: You keep readin’ em, I’ll keep writin’ ’em. Upcoming books: Like I said, I’ll keep writin’ ’em. Colophon: All the rest. Async mugwump linkdump (permalink) For 20+ years, I’ve processed all the information that came over my transom by blogging – mulling on why something I saw in the world caught my attention and trying to summarize it for strangers. This turns out to be a very powerful way to do a lot of different kinds of mental work: With Pluralistic, the solo blog I founded 4 years ago, I’ve moved into longer, more synthetic essays that try to connect the things that caught my attention today with all those things I’ve written about for the past two decades. That’s also proven very fruitful: But this move to longer works has a downside: sometimes I’ll arrive at the week’s end and have a list of things that caught my attention without there being any obvious way to connect them, and when that happens, I devote a Saturday edition to a linkdump. There’s been 15 of these so far: Welcome, then, to the 16th Pluralistic linkdump, and a warning, this one starts with an obituary. Ross Anderson was one of the heroes of the cryptographic revolution, a brilliant scientist and communicator, a fantastic activist, and a scorching curmudgeon….Pluralistic: Async mugwump linkdump (30 Mar 2024)

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